Urban Life Kids Church

This service is open to the whole community and is facilitated and planned for by the Young Adults Ministry Team. 

This ministry contains engaging and relevant messages that help young people to consolidate a strong biblical foundation and practical applications to everyday life, vibrant and authentic worship and a community of believers who love to be in fellowship together.

The Young Adults Ministry are passionate about social justice issues and actively work to make change in the world through ‘The Cause’. At the moment fundraising is occurring to raise money 15 wheelchairs that will go to children with disabilities in Kenya. This is in partnership with the Daisy Centre to change the lives of 15 children who are currently left to drag themselves along the ground.

As Young Adults we chose to redefine culture and show people the love of Christ. A generation focused on others, a generation committed to seeing all that God has for His people here on earth.


The Young Adults Ministry gathers together every Sunday evening at 6pm.

The Young Adults meet every fortnight for Cafe Church, and on the alternating week meet for a social.

Our Young Adults also meet every Thursday in Mens and Women's Life Groups.

Unit 8/814-822 Old Illawarra Road Menai


29th April - 1st May